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Make a report to Stopline

Stopline Online Reporting

Stopline online reporting is a service that has been established by Stopline and Boral for use by staff members, contractors and other stakeholders.

This form is designed to allow you to provide us with information relating to the issue you are concerned with.

You may remain anonymous if you wish. You may also elect to provide all of your contact details to Boral or alternatively, you can provide Stopline with all of your contact information but not allow us to provide that information to Boral.

Eligible whistleblowers may be entitled to certain legal protections where they report potential misconduct.

An eligible whistleblower is all of Boral Group’s current and past employees, volunteers, officers, contractors, suppliers (including employees of suppliers) and associates, as well as these people’s dependents (or their spouse’s dependents) and their relatives.

What type of conduct can be reported.

You must have reasonable grounds to suspect that the information you are disclosing about the company or organisation concerns:

  • misconduct, or
  • an improper state of affairs or circumstances.

This information can be about the company or organisation, or an officer or employee of the company or organisation, engaging in conduct that:

  • breaches the Corporations Act
  • breaches other financial sector laws enforced by ASIC or APRA
  • breaches an offence against any other law of the Commonwealth that is punishable by imprisonment for a period of 12 months, or
  • represents a danger to the public or the financial system.

Reasonable Grounds.

When making a report, you will be expected to have reasonable grounds to believe the information you are disclosing is true, but you will still be protected under the Whistleblowing Policy even if the information turns out to be incorrect. However, you obviously must not make a report that you know is not true or is misleading.

Where it is found that a person has knowingly made a false report, this may be a breach of the Company’s Code of Conduct and will be considered a serious matter that may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or engagement.

Employees and non-employees alike who knowingly make a false report may also not have the protection of the whistleblower laws and may be subject to the general law relating to making false statements.

If you wish to make a complaint that is not work related.

Note that some personal work grievances are excluded from the laws relating to whistleblowers.

A personal work related grievance includes:

  • interpersonal conflict with another employee;
  • a decision about your employment, transfer or promotion;
  • a decision about the terms and conditions of your employment; or
  • a decision to suspend or terminate your employment or otherwise discipline you

If you wish to make a complaint that is a work related grievance, please refer to the Boral Policy for details about how to make a grievance.  You can access the Boral Policy by clicking here.